Garage Door Spring Repair  

At Garage Door Repair Charlotte NC, we will fix your garage door springs. We will help you by taking them apart, finding the right size for your replacement and adding them into your property.

Your garage door springs have to be properly repaired so your door will be fully functional and ready to work. When your springs don’t work, your door won’t move up all the way. There’s also the risk of a spring breaking apart and causing further damage to your garage door. Contact us for your garage door spring repair in Charlotte will be a necessity in the event you suspect a problem with your springs.

We typically replace springs as these springs will last for only a few years on average. Today’s garage door springs are designed to last for about five to ten years depending on how often you use them. Therefore, we will help you with getting new ones when the time comes.

We can also tighten and align your springs if needed too. This is perfect for cases where your springs are relatively new and can still work for years to come.

Most importantly, our garage door repair Charlotte specialists will help you with the repair process in a safe manner. It is too dangerous for you to try and fix your springs on your own. The pressure generated by one of these springs can be extremely harmful if not handled properly. Our professionals know more about how to fix these issues.

Contact us for your garage door spring repair in Charlotte when it’s time for you to get them fixed. You can trust our professionals at Garage Door Repair Charlotte NC with fixing them up right the first time around.